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About Me

Daryl Pereira

I guarantee you a high standard of education and specialise in small class sizes and if you require I do personal scuba diving instruction. I pay personal attention to each of our students and make sure that our students are fully satisfied.

I am dedicated to providing the most comprehensive courses available combined with an unmatched level of personalised attention.

Triton Diving is a young small business born out of enthusiasm for the wonderful underwater world and I have a desire to share everything that is spectacular and exciting about diving with people who are perhaps unaware of the benefits of what it can bring to their lives. To step away from stress, pressure, noise and chaos for even an hour and explore the relatively untouched world that lies beneath.

‘I started diving in 2009 and the second I put my head under the water I knew I wanted to become an instructor and show as many people as possible how amazing the under water world is, you also meet some wonderful people on your adventurewho become lifelong friends, while learning skills and seeing different places and different things’

If Scuba diving is not on your bucket list. it should be!’