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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before booking a course with TritonDiving.

General Booking

  • Students must complete and sign a Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form before any course shall commence.
  • Students are required to complete a medical statement/questionnaireu00a0in a frank and honest fashion, if deemed necessaryu00a0a doctors clearance certificate must be received before any course shall commence.

  • Qualified diversu00a0 must complete and sign a Liability Release and Assumption of Risk and medical statement annually to participate in any scuba diving activities..u00a0

  • Qualified divers wanting to participate in any non-entry level course or diving activity must show proof of PADI diving certification or equivalent level certification from a recognised dive organisationu00a0i.e.u00a0SSI or CMAS.u00a0u00a0

  • Qualified diver wanting to participate in any non-entry level course or diving activity Personal scuba diving Insurance is required.

  • Student divers participating in a scuba diving course with TritonDiving are insured for the duration of the course.

Deposits, Payments & Refunds

  • All courses require au00a0u20ac200u00a0non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.

  • Please note there is au00a0u20ac50 surcharge for e-learning for allu00a0relevantu00a0courses.u00a0

  • The remaining balance for your chosen course must beu00a0paidu00a0in full no later than the finalu00a0scheduledu00a0day for said course, PADI certification will not be processed until full payment is received.u00a0

  • Deposits and payments are valid for 12u00a0months from the original date of purchase excluding Scuba Review and Discover Scuba sessions which are valid for 6 months from original purchase date.u00a0

  • Please see u2018Gift Voucheru2019 page for relevant terms & conditions.u00a0

  • TritonDiving operates a no refund policy, once a course has commenced, no monies shall be refundedu00a0unless the course is cancelled byu00a0TritonDivingu00a0and we are unable to reschedule, then a refund shall be issued less the cost of PADI materials and e-learning modules.

Cancellation & Rescheduling or no-shows

  • Should a student need to cancel a session (pool or sea) no less than 24hrs is required, with said notice given the session will beu00a0rescheduledu00a0at the earliest suitable opportunity.

  • If a student is a no-show for a pool or sea session or has failed to give the required notice (equivalent of a no-show) then au00a0rescheduling fee ofu00a0u20ac50 shall be charged.


  • TritonDiving provides students with all theu00a0necessaryu00a0equipment to complete the course, students are welcome to use their own masks and/or snorkel if preferred.u00a0

  • Students doing advanced courses and using their own regulators and/or tanks mustu00a0ensureu00a0that their personal equipment is all in test and safe to use.

  • If a student causes any damage or loss to TritonDiving equipment due to irresponsible or negligent behaviour, the student is liable for the cost of replacing said equipment at current market rates.u00a0

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.