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Welcome to the TritonDiving Club membership
for 2024.

Join the TritonDiving club and avail of getting all your air fills and annual dive insurance required for scuba diving through out 2024 and every year ongoing once you renew annually.

Terms of membership:

    • The fee will entitle the member to the use scuba diving tank for Scuba diving purposes or filling of personal scuba diving tank.
    • The fee of €310 includes annual dive insurance to the value of €60, valid for the duration of the membership. Dive insurance does not include travel insurance (see the link below).
    • Club members must have dive insurance.
    • The dive insurance covers scuba diving in Ireland and abroad.
    • Members will be to have the use of one tank if they would like to use it while not diving with TritonDiving, they would have to collect the tank before the weekend and return it on the following Monday.
    • In the unlikely event of the tank been lost/stolen the member will replace the tank like for like.
    • The fee will entitle the member to annual Scuba Diving insurance which can be used at home or abroad.
    • The fee will not include the use of any other scuba diving equipment from TritonDiving (separate arrangements must be made in accordance with diver requirements.)
    • On weekend safaris with TritonDiving the fee will cover cylinder and air fills whether filled by TritonDiving or another dive center for scuba diving over the whole weekend.
    • Members information will be used as per the GDPR regulations as of 2018 and will not be passed on to any other organisations and will be stored safely.
    • TritonDiving Members will have access to the swimming pool every Wednesday evening from 6pm9pm, which will include air and use of Scuba gear if required. 
    • Membership will only start from date of full payment of membership fees.
    • Membership is annual and will run from the 1st of March 2024-until the 1st of March 2025
    • Membership is not transferable from one member to another.
    • Liability and risk paperwork, including medical statement, Standard of safe diving practices and membership form must be filled out annually by all members before membership commences.
    • Non Members: In the event of not being a member of TritonDiving a fee of €60 per day will apply in order to avail of complete scuba diving equipment use or €24 per day for air or €40 for Scuba gear only.
    • By joining the club you accept all terms and conditions as laid out above. The fee to join the club is €250 per annum and €60 dive insurance (purchased through the link (below).

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